Ult1m4t3H4ck3r's own custom skin.
Vital statistics
Title Nobleman
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Terrans
Health 20
Status Alive
Home Location Unknown
Current Location Eronev

Background Info

Ult1m4t3H4ck3r, who prefers to be called Hacker or Hax, was born into a family who loved their tech. You can see from Hacker's in game skin that he is wearing headphones, showing he loves music as much as his tech.

Hacker's usual ingame skin consists of himself with a creeper t-shirt, headphones, jeans, sneakers and his hair sweeped to the right.


Hacker is very good at archery, but he prefers either punching creepers in the face or slicing their guts out.

Hacker can sometimes be a level 23/24 at archery, but barefisted he is level 37 and with swords he is level 48.


  1. Overworld
  2. Eronev


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