Minecraft CTF
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 21 Feb 2012
Server Mincraft CTF (
Recorded by Safebox
Cast & Crew
Main Characters Safebox
Console Operators Safebox
Episode guide
Eronev Mansion Adventure


Your goal is to capture the enemy's flag. The enemy's flag will be in a chest in or near their base. Break into the enemy's base, open the chest and take out the flag. You must now return to your own base and place the enemy's flag into your chest. You will not be able to open your own chest unless your flag is inside. This means that the enemy must not have your flag in order for you to successfully capture theirs. Once you have captured the enemy's flag the requisite number of times, you win!


Safebox as the Heavy, Archer & Soldier


Bridge Palaces
Cliffside Towers

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